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  • $18.99

    Tdi Arms ARPG


    The AR pistol grip with enhanced texture is a straightforward grip!  It is designed for the AR platform that offers stability and comfort to the operator.  With its enhanced, non-abrasive texture, this grip provides a comfortable and secure grip for any size palm.

    The texture features marked lines that serve as reference points in case the operator decides to stipple the grip.

    Not only is the AR-PG grip simple and lightweight, but it’s also rugged, making it capable of accommodating any preferred setup.

    Overall, the ARPG – AR Pistol Grip is an excellent choice for AR builders looking to enhance the comfort and functionality of their AR builds, as it blends seamlessly with any setup.


    Material: Reinforced Polymer

    Colors:   Black, Desert Tan

    Weight:  3.17oz


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    The TDI-ARMS 2 point quick adjust sling is a universal platform that allows mounting rifle attachment devices such as QUICK DETACH SLING SWIVELS or HK HOOKS or PARACORD or simply weaving the extensions through existing rifle hardware.
    The TDI-ARMS 2 point sling is equipped with a quick pull or quick release loop.  It allows for faster engagement climbing over an obstacle or going hands on without the rifle being in the way.
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    The Tdi-Arms Z92 (Zastava AK47) is an aluminum lower handguard that keeps your rifle light yet operational with all your tactical attachment needs via MLOK system.

    The Z92 is compatible with the Zastava M92/M85 rifles also the Z92 is compatible with the Ultimak gas tube rail.

    The Tdi-Arms Z92 blends in with classic all wood style as well as tactical mode.

    Personalize your Z70 with either one or 2 line of your own saying (see images of the Z70 & AKML below). On the Z92 we can do 1 line on each side.


    AK47/74/101 (Russian, Bulgarian, East German, Egyptian, Polish see AKML)

    Yugo/Aksu/Krinkov/Vepr (see VPRL)

    Zastava M70 (see Z70)

    Color: Black

    Weight: 4.2oz