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  • $29.99

    A 2 point quick adjustable rifle sling ideal for long rifles & shotguns
    quick mounting features open sling ends to attach rifle interface hardware
    the sling features a quick adjust loosen & tighten pull tab for fast transition
    from rifle to hands on operations the sling is provided with 2 hardware rifle
    attachment methods and comes standard with:


    The configuration can be done by the user according to the specific rifle interface.

    The sling can also be looped trough standard issue AR stocks or wrapped around fixed rifle stocks like AK/FAL/MP5.

    1.25″ webbing

    Adjustable from 34-57″

    Color: Black

  • $26.99

    S1P-HK – One Point Bungee Rifle Sling

    Ideal for close quarters combat, allows easy movement when operating inside tight spaces. Maintains its structure and provides a comfortable carry option.
    Fully adjustable sling fits all body sizes.
    Side release buckle allows for quick release if sling encounters interference with objects.
    Strong metal HK style carabiner for easy attachment.
    High density bungee cord and carabiner are covered to reduce noise and wear
    Sling can be worn on back freeing hands for the other tasks.
    Sling easily snaps onto many mounting locations.
    Color: Black
    Weight: 4.82oz / 135.00gr.
    Max Loop Length: 60.00″ / 152.00cm.

    Part #: S1P HK