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  • $19.99

    UPG47 – AK47 Interchangeable Finger Groove Pistol Grip

    The 6 piece interchangeable pistol grip incorporates multiple finger groove and palm swell inserts (3 each).
    Allowing the user to customize their grip to fit all hand sizes for maximum comfort and control.
    Provides increased control during firing and reduces fatigue.
    Finger grooves, palm swell and contoured backstrap allow an increased powerful grip.
    Easily interchangeable.
    Front and rear rubberized grip inserts mount securely.
    Mottled surface minimizes risk of slippage when wet.
    Easily replaces standard grip.
    Constructed of high density polymer.
    Constructed of high density polymer.

    Colours: Black, Khaki, OD Green
    Weight: 5.9oz / 165gr. (UPG47).
    Height: 3.93″ / 10cm.

    UPG47 – AK47/GALIL Style Grip