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  • $14.99$19.99

    UPG16 – AR15/M4/M16 Interchangeable Finger Groove Pistol Grip

    • The 6 piece interchangeable pistol grip incorporates multiple
    finger groove and palm swell inserts (3 each).
    • Allowing the user to customize their grip to fit all hand sizes for maximum
    comfort and control.
    • Provides increased control during firing and reduces fatigue

    • Finger grooves, palm swell and contoured backstrap allow an increased powerful grip

    • Easily changeable front and rear rubberized grip inserts mount securely

    • Mottled surface minimizes risk of slippage when wet

    • Easily replaces standard grip

    • Constructed of high density polymer

    * Colours: Black, Khaki, OD Green
    Weight: 5.9oz / 165gr. (UPG16).
    Height: 4.00″ / 11cm.

  • $24.99

    M16T – M16/M4 6 Position Buffer Tube

    Lightweight buffer tube for OEM replacement.16/M4 style stock.
    • The 6 positions allow length adjustment up to 4.00″/10cm.
    • Storage Compartment for cleaning kit and more.
    • Supplied with the Castle Nut and Locking Washer.
    • Lifetime Warranty

    * Color: Black
    * Weight: 4.20oz/118gr.
    * Length: 7.87″/20cm.

    # M16T – Replacement for AR15/M16.M4 OEM Buffer Tube