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  • $13.99

    BK – Flashlight Mount for Picatinny Rail

    Flashlight Mount which can be used on any Picatinny/Weaver rail
    BK2 suitable for 1″ diameter Flashlight/Laser
    Special angle-lip design for easy flashlight slide in
    Easy to fit and dismantle
    Moulded from reinforced polymer composite
    NSN number: 1005015156474 BK2
    Lifetime Warranty

    Colours: Black
    Weight: 1.57oz / 44.00gr
    Length: 2.00″ / 5.00cm
    Height: 2.00″ / 5.00cm

    BK2 – 1″ diameter

  • $49.99


    Light weight Aluminum drop in adapter tube for STAMPED receiver
    AK type rifles features a simple drop in installation process a left side sling loop
    and an inner storage space the 6 position tube is MIL-SPEC in diameter.


    And any other AK type rifles with a standard com block stamped receiver with a fixed stock.

    Color: Black
    Weight: 8oz

  • $49.99$66.00
    AKMST is a stand alone conversion adapter for FLAT back stamped AKMS (UNDERFOLDER)  receivers.
    The AKMST is a drop in replacement for your underfolding stock and it is available for purchase in several configurations:
    • *  AKMST: An adapter interface for a 6 positions buffer tube  (DOES NOT INCLUDE TUBE OR CASTLE NUT)
    • *  AKMST-P: An adapter with a rear picatinny interface that allows you to install SIG type folding stocks and braces.
    • *  AKMST-K: An adapter with a 6 positions tube interface that includes a 6 position mil spec tube and a castle nut.
    Fits: AKMS Stamped receivers with a flat back interface.
    Does not fit: YUGO rifles & slant back receivers. 
    NOTE: Please make sure you know the placement of your rivets on the rear trunnion and do not use excessive force while installing the adapter.

    Colors: Black
    ………………………………Weight               Length
    AKMST                        4oz                     1.25″
    AKMST-P                     3oz                     0.75″
    AKMST-K                     8oz                     8.00″

    #  AKMST  -An adapter for underfolder, AR tube interface
    # AKMST-P  – An adapter + Picatinny interface
    # AKMST-K  – An adapter + Mil Tube + Castle nut

  • $49.99

    FS-1 Flip Up backup sights

    The FS-1 flip up sights are a rugged aluminum constructed pair of backup sights for your AR rifle
    with a spring loaded side push mechanism and low profile when collapsed provides accuracy & reliability
    when using iron sights the FS-1 sights can also be co witnessed with RED DOT & Holographic sights.

    Color: Black


  • $49.99

    TUZA1 – UZI Bayonet Lug Rail Mount, Aluminium

    • Turns your bayonet lug into a Picatinny rail mount
    • Allowing the addition of rail accessories.
    • CNC milled from aviation aluminium.
    • No gunsmithing is required
    • NSN number: 1005015156505 (TUZ-A1)

    * Colours: Black
    * Weight: 1oz.
    * Length: 1.69″

    # TUZA1 – Uzi/Mini Uzi

  • $139.99

    The V6 revolutionary design takes full advantage of the escaping gases and directs those forces at exactly the perfect angles and precise directions, to counteract 100% rise and reduce 70% to 80% recoil.

    The NEW V6 is the finest muzzle brake that money can buy.
    Machined from High Grade Aluminum on a 5-axis CNC machining center, this is truly a fistful of “Heavy Metal” that will impress you the first time you place it in your hand.

    Please watch the V6 in test:

    Who needs the V6? It is perfect for competitive shooters, hog hunters and anyone who needs rapid acquisition in follow-up shots. U.S. design, U.S. aluminum, and U.S. manufacture. Sealed & coated with hard anodize this is a beautifully designed and flawlessly produced product that looks as professional as it is effective, it reduces muzzle rise to virtually “ZERO”. That’s right…no matter what you run through the gun, the shooter will have almost NO muzzle rise.

    In addition, it reduces felt recoil by approximately 70-80%. This is a true game changer! The V6 revolutionary design takes full advantage of the escaping gasses and directs the forces at exactly the perfect angles and directions. The gases reach the end of the muzzle before the projectile. The V6 design then pushes the muzzle down and away from the shooter.

    Technical Specifications:

    Material: Alloy
    Coating: Hard Anodise
    Length: 4.25″
    Weight: 10.2 oz / 4oz for Alloy
    Design: V6 Engine Block

    Models: Saiga 12
    VPER 12
    Kel-Tec KSG
    DDI 12
    XTR 12
    Catamount Fury

  • $26.99

    S1P-HK – One Point Bungee Rifle Sling

    Ideal for close quarters combat, allows easy movement when operating inside tight spaces. Maintains its structure and provides a comfortable carry option.
    Fully adjustable sling fits all body sizes.
    Side release buckle allows for quick release if sling encounters interference with objects.
    Strong metal HK style carabiner for easy attachment.
    High density bungee cord and carabiner are covered to reduce noise and wear
    Sling can be worn on back freeing hands for the other tasks.
    Sling easily snaps onto many mounting locations.
    Color: Black
    Weight: 4.82oz / 135.00gr.
    Max Loop Length: 60.00″ / 152.00cm.

    Part #: S1P HK

  • $19.99

    PCL – Polymer Rail Covers Kit for Picatinny Rails

    Strong thermo plastic composite provides a durable rail cover
    to fit on Picatinny rail handguards.
    • Allows pressure switch cables to fit under covers
    • Comfortable anti-slip design
    • Easy to attach and remove

    * Colours: Black, Khaki, OD Green
    * Weight: 0.21oz/6gr. (Short Rail),
    0.57oz/16gr. (Long Rail).
    * Length; Long rail cover 5.74″/14.60cm,
    Short rail cover 1.75″/4.45cm

    #PCK-BL – Black Rail Kit (6 short + 2 long covers)
    #PCK-K – Khaki Rail Kit (6 short + 2 long covers)
    #PCK-G – Green Rail Kit (6 short + 2 long covers)

  • $24.95

    EVO-FAS – Forward Assist Grip

    The Tdi-Arms EVO is a Hybrid hand stop that can be combined symbiotically with vertical grips to provide a stable shooting platform in the C clamp hold as well as standard vertical grip.
    Experience: The very popular C clamp hold is a innovative concept of rifle stabilization but it is primerely effective in stance shooting but when fighting in a confining environment in a Close quartets environment or vehicle operations there is a need to shorten the hold on a rifle/carbine by transitioning to a vertical grip, and mounting a angled + vertical grip is bulky and space consuming.
    THE Tdi-Arms EVO-HHS Combines its self with a vertical grip without taking up space and can be combined with a variety of vertical grips OR can be used as a light weight minimal HAND STOP.
    The EVO-HHS Is made from a light weight aluminum compost and it is wider than most hand stops it can also be used as a BARRICADE STOP.

    • Hybrid Grip
    • Enabling the use of vertical grip with horizontal position
    • Improved performance
    • Easy to fit & secure
    • Fits Picatinny/Weaver Rail
    • Light-weight
    • Made of Aluminum
    • No gunsmithing is required

    * Colours: Black, Khaki, OD Green

    * Weight: 2.00oz / 56gr.
    * Height: 1.57″ / 4.00 cm
    * Length 2.95″ / 7.50 cm

    # EVO