About Us

About Tdi Arms

Tdi-Arms  was established in 2002 in Israel to provide high quality weapon upgrades to the Israeli Armed forces & Special forces units.

Working and learning from the military elite Tdi-Arms has evolved into an international company that supplies truly rugged and reliable equipment and weapon upgrades to men and women that operate in the most hostile environments on the planet in international warfare conflicts  and covert operations.

The Tdi-Arms  way of thinking and of doing is “Build it simple Build it Tough” because no matter how much you train for war from our experience and the experience of our friends and clients War is truly unpredictable the few things that you can rely on is your training your brothers and the gear you carry.

Tdi-Arms branched out & located in its main facility in the United Kingdom & in the USA and subcontracting 7 manufacturing factories around the globe with constant consultation with military adviser teams from the most elite military forces around the wo

Tdi-Arms weapon upgrades have been utilized in the most hostile environments on earth from Kavkaz mountains, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, South America to Israel… TO HELL AND BACK. OUR CLIENTS, OUR PARTNERS, OUR FRIENDS: